Mayor's Office
The Office of the Mayor is responsible for directing the operations of the agencies and departments within the City of Franklin. The Mayor serves as the chief policy and political leader in city government. The Mayor presides at council meetings and assists the Council on setting goals and advocating policy decisions.

City Council
The City Council is responsible for the promotion of effective government for the City of Franklin and all matters related to the public domain. The City Council proposes, debates and votes on legislation governing and/or affecting the city. This body also approves appointments, regulates revenues and expenditures, incurs debt and approves the final operating and capital budgets for the City of Franklin.

Finance Department
The City of Franklin Finance Department is responsible for the systems and procedures that assure the sound and efficient functioning of the City's financial activities. This department manages the City's cash flow, debt portfolio, financial reporting, vendor payments, employee payroll and benefits and risk insurance activities.

Community Development
The City of Franklin Community Development Department promotes and preserves a vibrant economy by encouraging business development and affordable housing options to create and sustain strong, healthy neighborhoods. The department assists in creating and developing viable communities through community outreach and partnerships in economic development and social services.

Zoning, Permits and Inspection
The Zoning, Permits and Inspection Department maintains the maps and zoning ordinances for the City of Franklin, as well as provides permits and inspections for new and existing residential and commercial properties.

Water and Sewer Department
The City of Franklin Water and Sewer Department is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and efficient water and sewer service.

Police Department
The City of Franklin Police Department is committed to providing a professional, community-oriented police service that protects life and property and maintains order while assuring fair and equal treatment to the public.

Fire Department
The City of Franklin Fire Department promotes safety, emergency care and extinguishment of fires.

Third Ward City Court
Provides the City of Franklin with equal justice resolutions of criminal prosecutions, traffic charges, civil claims and other court related services to the public.

Third Ward Marshal
The Third Ward Marshal's Department serves the City of Franklin by enforcing the orders and writs and precepts of the Third Ward City Court.

Public Works
The Public Works Department provides and maintains the infrastructure of the City of Franklin to help protect the welfare of the city residents, businesses and visitors.

Recreation Department
The Recreation Department actively encourages, provides and protects quality leisure, recreation and cultural opportunities for the City of Franklin.